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Cardiovascular Risk Check​

  • Our cardiac assessments are crafted to offer your team a private and personalised evaluation of their present health condition and the risk of heart disease.

Skin Cancer Checks

  • Administered by a skilled medical professional with accreditation in skin checks, this examination (either encompassing the entire body or focusing on areas most frequent exposed to the sun, based on preference) can help detect any potential signs of skin cancer.

Vision and Hearing Tests

  • Our team of hearing experts evaluates employee’s hearing using a combination of a comprehensive hearing questionnaire and an Audiometer. Additionally, we incorporate vision tests to assess visual acuity, depth perception, and overall eye health.

Lung Function

  • Assesses employees’ lung capacity and efficiency, delivering an objective measurement of their respiratory fitness. Additionally, it can gauge the extent of lung issues, enabling the identification of potential lung disease.

Body Flexibility and Assessment

  • Helps reduce injury and claims through professional evaluation and advice on musculoskeletal flexibility and back problems. Assists employees in preventing back injuries through evaluation of strength, coordination and flexibility.

Mental Health

  • Provide your employees with tangible insights and practical strategies for addressing mental health, empowering them to effectively support their colleagues and prioritise their own mental well-being.

Men's Health

  • Preventing the aggravation of pre-existing health conditions among male employees due to occupational factors, prioritising their well-being and proactive health management.

Women's Health

  • Preventing the exacerbation of pre-existing health conditions among female employees, addressing occupational factors and prioritising proactive health management to enhance overall well-being.

Flu Vaccinations

  • Empowering employee health through annual flu vaccinations, prioritizing proactive wellness strategies to safeguard against seasonal illness and maintain workforce productivity.

What We Offer

Our Health Checks program offers additional features such as:

  • Management of the entire program via our online booking system
  • Tailored marketing posters/emailers for your organisation
  • Efficient program management and an online booking system
  • Individual results booklets for each participant
  • A detailed Corporate Report for your employees
  • Referral to the employee’s GP, if necessary, with a follow-up for referred employees with consent.

We deliver a comprehensive program, managing all aspects, and promoting it internally.

All assessments are conducted by doctors and qualified professionals.

Australian Cardiovascular Disease Risk Checks

By our doctors and nurses




*CVD Risk Score: According to the Australian Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk Assessment
*Diabetes Risk Score: According to the Australian Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment
*Mental Health: According to the Kessler Psychological Distress Scale (K10)