National Corporate & Executive Health

Customised Executive and Corporate Program to ensure Optimal Performance

Leaders are one of the most important assets to your business. A healthier, happier and more resilient leader, makes better decisions and performs at their best. Our team focuses on understanding each executive’s physical history and circumstances, so that we can help them create an ongoing wellbeing plan. The goal is to support your leaders to maintain good health and avoid burnout. One of the most important contributors to the success of your business are your executives and leaders. Therefore, their health and wellbeing is a priority!

Executive Assessments

Our Executive Health Assessments are our most popular and comprehensive assessments. These employees often face high pressure and demands in their everyday work life, which often has a negative impact on their health posing a significant risk not only to them, but to the ongoing success and running of your business. 

We offer a range of executive and corporate assessments, which can also be further customised to meet your organisational needs. Our executive and corporate health team is made up of Doctors, Dieticians, Exercise Physiologists, Psychologists, Nurses, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Audiologists.

Customised medical assessments

Employees Health creates customised medical assessments that can include :

  • A comprehensive medical history, review and examination
  • Mental health review and discussion
  • Blood pathology screening
  • resting ECG for cardiovascular examination
  • Lung function, vision and hearing testing
  • Skin cancer screen 
  • Flexibility, core strength and posture analysis
  • Fitness assessment and exercise program advice
  • Dietary review and advice
  • Individualised reports and referrals

After completing the assessment, our team will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing your current health status as well as any relevant referrals and recommendations.

Functional capacity evaluations

FCEs are appropriate where the employee is working in confined space, requires significant labour intensive work, exposed to hazardous materials, or working at heights.

ur Specialist Occupational and Environmental Physicians apply their experience and training to provide an over sighting service. This enables all your medicals to have the same quality over sighting regardless of where in Australia or New Zealand the medical assessment occurs