About us.

Prevent and manage workplace health risks and meet worksafe standards.

For over 25 years, Employees Health has been helping  organisations throughout Australia  prevent and control workplace health risks and maintain worksafe standards. We partner with our customers  to create and maintain safe and healthy work environments and productive workforces.

Our commitment to developing a total health solution for your organisation is what sets us apart. Whether helping you at the local, regional or national level, we organise our services and alliances to meet your needs. In recognising the demands of your business environment and to avoid unnecessary downtime and costs, our services are delivered in the most convenient and effective manner – on site!

A key strength of our company is the combination of our medical, industry and OH&S regulation experience. All of which are essential to ensure “duty of care” compliance.

Onsite health surveillance medical services designed to meet your organisations requirements

Whether your employees are exposed to hazardous substances, noise, sun or stress or physical strain, our team of medical and occupational experts  work with you to develop a health monitoring program designed specifically to meet your worksafe and legal obligations as well as your organisations requirements and risk profile. And the best part is we come to you. All services are delivered onsite at your workplace ensuring minimal downtime and disruption. 

Our Vision. Our Commitment.

Prioritising health and disease prevention is our mission. Cancer screening is key to saving lives by detecting cancer early. In 2022, Cancer Australia reported 162,163 cases in Australia, affecting both males (88,982) and females (73,181). Our focus extends to cancer marker tests targeting biomarkers for bowel, ovarian, and prostate cancer.

With over four million Australians currently living with Cardiovascular Disease, it poses a significant threat resulting in nearly 44,000 deaths annually. However, it’s largely preventable, with significant progress in prevention, treatment, and management.

Following the protocols outlined by the National Heart Foundation of Australia and Stroke Foundation and Cancer Australia, we have implemented this Executive Health Personalised Action Plans. With this, we can reduce the burden of heart disease, stroke, and cancer, benefiting your executives and your corporation both now and in the future. This Action Plan promises to cultivate a healthier organisational culture.

Medical advice, real solutions and over 25 years of medical, industry, and OH&S experience.

Whether you require  health monitoring, corporate medical programs or mental health initiatives, our team at Employees Health understands the  legal and regulatory frameworks for compliance and best practice in health and safety on both a national and state level. 

We work across all states and industries.

Our doctors have a wealth of experience in the aviation, mining, recycling, engineering, motor and construction industries plus many more.

To learn more about our occupational medical programs and services and to discover how you can make your employees’ well-being a priority, get in touch with our friendly team today.

Make your employees’ wellbeing and safety a priority!